Foods you should and should not wash-Since a very young age, we are all advised to wash anything and everything that we are going to consume as food. It is to wash away any bacteria present on the surface of the eatable.  There are certain foods, however, which shouldn’t be washed before consumption, as they will trigger bacteria growth which will, in turn, do more harm than good to our health. Let us look at five types of food which should not be washed and the foods we should never forget washing.

Foods You Should Not Wash

1. Chicken

Foods you should and should not wash

Chicken has bacteria present when you get it from the market, which tends to move into your hands and kitchen sink when you wash it. Raw chicken has enough bacteria to mess with our health. Salmonella is one amongst the various kinds of bacteria which you shall find. Washing chicken with bare hands only allows it to come in contact with your hands and then your internal system. Boiling the chicken will ensure that all the bacteria present in it has been destroyed. The high temperature will kill all sorts of pathogens present on the raw chicken.

2. Eggs

Foods you should and should not wash

Processed eggs usually art coated with a delicate layer of mineral oil so that it can form a shield against the bacteria to protect it from any sort of contamination. If you wash the eggs and then store it, the eggs will be more reluctant to bacterial attack. It is a good choice not to wash eggs, hence.

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3. Meat

Foods you should and should not wash
Based on similar lines with chicken, raw meat like pork, lamb, etc. should not be washed before cooking. The best way to get rid of germs is to treat them at high temperatures. Use napkins to wipe the juice that oozes from the meat as it does contain harmful bacteria. After prepping the meat, do your hand’s favor by washing them clean with soap.

4. Pasta

Foods you should and should not wash


In the culinary world, it is a sin to wash pasta before you start cooking it. Washing pasta will wear off the starch layer which essential for sauce absorption. After boiling the pasta, it can be washed, however.

5. Mushrooms


Mushrooms have great absorption abilities. They lose their elasticity when they are soaked in water. The ideal way is to clean them with little water and then allowing them to dry before they are cooked.

Foods You Should Wash

1. Tin Cans

1.Tin Cans

Wash the lid before you open it so that no kind of bacteria comes in contact with the food within.

2. Vegetables & Fruits with Edible Skin

2. Vegetables And Fruits That Have Edible Skin

Just because certain fruits and veggies appear tremendously lustrous on the outside, does not mean that they are clean. Always wash them before consumption.

3. Vegetables with Inedible Skin

3. Vegetables And Fruits That Have Inedible Skin

Although they are protected by a thick layer, it is always advisable to wash them. The bacteria always manages to come in contact with the fruit or veggie inside. It is always ideal to wash melons, bananas, and various such foods.

4. Dry Fruits

4. Dried Fruits
Dry fruits are the dirtiest from all foods you consume, believe it or not. People tend to not wash them because of the simple fact that it may take away the flavor of the dry fruit. In spite of them coming in clean packing, it is best to wash them to be on the safer side. Soak them in water for a few hours before you eat it.

5. Nuts

5. Nuts

Nuts have phytic acid in them naturally which helps combat any germs. This acid can be dangerous for our health, however, if consumed in excess quantity. Wash your nuts to be on the safer side!

Therefore, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the foods you should eat vs the foods you shouldn’t eat! Follow these tricks to keep the people around you healthy.