Here Are 2 Half Bun Hairstyle You Should Be Wearing Instead


Half Bun Hairstyle-Sock buns are loved by many but the thing is that they are out of trend now and it has become much normal and common whereas half buns are something that people are now obsessed with as they can give you that nonchalant look. This is the best hairstyle for your switch up from your ordinary hairstyle. Here we also have 7 ways to make braided bun quickly.


 Half Buns

Half buns are easy and pretty hairstyles that could be attained in any second, even if you are in a hurry. If you are tired of your regular hairstyle and want to switch up to something new and easy then these half buns are the one you are searching for. You just have to follow the prescribed steps.

Master the half bun for your hair length:

If you have long hair

  • The first thing that you have to do is to comb down your hair and remove all the tangles in your hair for an easy process.
  • Separate the hair into half and bottom half and make a half high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.
  • you can use a clear elastic band or of any color as the hair would hide the band, pull out the front portion of your hair, a little bit to give it some messy look and then take a teasing comb to tease down your ponytail.
  • After teasing wrap up your ponytail around the elastic band and secure it with bobby pins and pull out some hair to give it a voluminous look.

If you have short hair:

  • Half buns are pretty hairstyles but the girls who have short hair face problem in attaining this hairstyle. Here is an easy method to do it without creating any mess. Half buns create a voluminous look to your hair, for this collect your hair and make a high ponytail.
  • After collecting your hair split it into two parts and twist both the parts of the hair. After all, this wraps both twisted ends into the opposite direction and use bobby pins to secure your hairstyle.