5 Best Reasons That Explain Why World Would Not Require Equality


The world doesn’t need equality. The world in the present is in search of needs rather than equality. Well, the people use both the words interchangeably, but they both have some slightly varied meanings on us. Balance is to treat someone same. Fairness means to give everyone the things that they would require to be successful in their lives.

Well, for many of us the concept of fairness and equality would be difficult to delineate, and so here we are to teach you how they both differ from each other.

Each person has different strong and weak points.

Here is why this world doesn't need equality

Well, take an example of a chess champion and the mountain climber. They both got an equal opportunity to climb up the mountain and hence present the competition for each other. The hardships are the same for both. But in reality, the contest is not the same. The alpinist would be giving the perfect competition to test physical endurance. Hence it is not right to compare ones strength and other’s weakness with each other.

Treating people equal is less important than treating them fair.

Well, if you live in a society that is not equal then giving everyone equal opportunities do not mean the same to do justice with someone. We should support both strong and weak people according to their capabilities to do some work. In case take an example of a sick and a healthy person. A healthy person would have different requirements than that of an infected person. If you treat someone equal, then you might get unfair to them. It is because a different person has unique requirements in the day to day life.

You cannot achieve equality in a perfect society.

Well, an idea for utopia for everyone is not the best idea because it is difficult to create for everyone. It is not on the fact that it is impossible to provide the same start but the truth is giving the same start will not offer any guarantee for you. We are not sure about the outcome that to will get at the end. Also, if you will force someone to treat equally then, it might bound to sow the discontent in the society. Such a community will never receive social justice ever in life. It feels like there are rules for each member to follow them even if they do not like them.

Fairness will drive people but not equality.

Ok, let us explain the fact with lamp assembly factory. If in your work, you will treat everyone equal then that means there is the same salary for everyone even if someone produces good quality or more products. It says you will not fire the workers also if they provide less number of lamps. The workers would lose interest in work. Nobody would get an appreciation for the job. It is contradictory to the payment system in which a worker must get paid according to quality and quantity.

Well, you must pay someone according to work and not for seeing the equality matter. People will not work for you anymore. No matter if the slogans matter for equality in the democratic country, most of the people still appreciate the bit of inequality.

People feel good with inequality as long as it will be fair.

A test got conducted between the group of children of six to eight years of age. Two boys out of them cleaned up their rooms and they both five erasers as a reward. Both of them have thrown away the fifth eraser rather than to have the unequal distribution. It would be to these responses that reflect the burning desires for equality, but most likely they wish to have fairness.

It can be that both the children had put coordinate efforts to clean the room. Or in the next contest of the words, we may say that they were fine but with inequality as long as it would be fair to them.

What do you think about comparing fairness with equality? Which is better from each other? I believe public comments are must in such cases.