Know Your Personality With The Shape Of Your Thumb


The shape of your thumb can reveal your personality. Do you ever think that Your thumb can tell your personality? Yes, It is true Your physical structure, physical appearances and physical features speak a lot about your character and lifestyle. Your presence speaks louder than you while describing your traits. Forget all the things even your thumb tells a lot about your personality and nature. You never thought of these things about yourself that the shape of your thumb would say to you. In today’s article, we are going to describe the five forms of inches. By reading this article, you will get to know about your shape of the thumb and the traits you carry with yourself. Let us take a look at the below-written article and know incredible things about yourself.

Type A- The upper half is more significant than the lower half.

The person whose thumb looks like this, have the following characteristics:

  • They are the person who has the desire to excel and would always reach for the stars. Their mind is still busy in thinking about how to reach new heights.
  • They are highly oriented toward their goals and have an intense desire to get succeed.
  • They are so humbled and grateful for their success.
  • They strive for kindness.
  • They are confident and self-motivated for their goals.
The combination of humanity and desire makes them an incredible person.
Type B- The lower half of the thumb is more significant than the upper half.
These are the characteristics of the person having the type B shape of thumb;
  • They are calm, humble, gentle, and concerned.
  • They find peace and joy even small things.
  • They always think of higher ideas, but they never forget where their roots.
  • They always fulfill their duties toward the person who helped them to achieve their goals.
  • They are rich in heart.
  • They are honest and able to do anything to help someone.
  • They are down to earth although they have high dreams.

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Type C- Both the halves are of equal size.

Shape Of Your Thumb Can Reveal Your Personality

Following are the features of the personality of the person having type-C

  • They always strive for peace.
  • They follow the yin-yang theory.
  • They still find good from every bad, beautiful from every ugly. It is the reason that can tackle the most difficult problems too quickly.
  • They live life to the fullest for physical, spiritual, and emotional harmony.
  • They like to live a balanced life, so they strive for equilibrium. It makes them attractive.

Type D- Flexible.

Shape Of Your Thumb Can Reveal Your Personality

The person having the thumb like type-D have the following characteristics:

  • They change themselves according to evolving situations. It means they are flexible.
  • They are capable of changing their opinion according to new facts.
  • They are capable of changing their attitude to achieve their goals.
  • They are very openminded that why they are a survivor.
Qualities gave above, help them to survive in most difficult circumstances.
Type E- Inflexible thumb.
Shape Of Your Thumb Can Reveal Your Personality
Characteristics of the person having type-E given below:
  • They are dominant and stubborn personalities which can be both good and a bad thing.
  • They are stick to their words.
  • They are inflexible toward their goals, but if they want from the heart, nothing can prevent them from acting toward it.
  • They are the person one can trust.
  • Their stubborn nature is beneficial for them because it based on well-thought and realistic plans.
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