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Who Is Responsible for Calling Out a Trauma Cleaner?

It is often assumed that the police and emergency services clean up trauma scenes like road traffic accidents, undiscovered deaths, and crime scenes. But the responsibility actually...
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Why should I hire a catastrophic injury lawyer?

After an accident resulting in catastrophic injuries, it can be not easy to know what to do next. Medical bills and other expenses need to be taken...

Should You Involve Insurance in a Minor Fender Bender?

Accidents happen. Like when you’re driving down the road when all of a sudden, another car cuts in front of you and slams on its brakes. You...
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New US Online Betting Regulations | 2022

Millions of gamblers in the US are celebrating, and with good reason: the states are, slowly, one by one, opening the doors to legal sports betting. Considering...

How Are Poland’s Gambling Laws Different from Those in the Baltics?

Currently, betting and special offer lotteries are the only forms of legalized online gambling authorized in Poland (provided that governmental casino regulators sign off on them). However,...
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How to Determine Who’s at Fault in a Bus Accident

For most commuters, busses offer a much more ecologically friendly and convenient alternative to driving a car. In general, busses are also one of the safest means...
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Basics Of Filing Medical Lawsuits: How to Prove Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is often used in synonym with medical malpractice. Strictly speaking, medical negligence can be defined as an act committed by a healthcare professional who falls...
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Different Types of Compensation from a Personal Injury Lawsuit

There are many forms of loss a person can suffer due to the negligent actions of another. Through a civil lawsuit, individuals can seek compensation for property...

How to Choose the Right Car Accident Lawyer

Unexpected things can happen in this life, and accidents can happen no matter how hard we try to be on the safe side. When you find yourself...

Birth Injury Compensation

Even a straightforward natural birth may go wrong when the midwife or any other medical staff fails to monitor the mother and baby’s condition appropriately. The results...