Find out what the shape of your feet reveals about your personality!


4) The Stretched Foot
Here, the first toe is the largest one, and the rest of the toes decreases in size in descending order. You are an introvert by nature and like to be in your own private space. You are very poor when it comes to controlling your mood swings, and you have an unpredictable nature.

5) Little Toe is much smaller
You are of the rebellious type and usually get angry when things are not going your way.

6) The Third toe is tilted
You are a good planner. You are very well-organized and always plan before executing anything. You are able to manage a situation in a perfect way.

Have you ever wondered what the tiniest of things could reveal so much about your personality.! Yes! Something as small as fingernails play a crucial role in determining your personality. Fingernails also give an insight into your health.  The way you trim them, the length or even the natural shape of fingernails are of great importance in determining your personality. Let us now find out what the shape of your nails says about your personality!