Find out what the shape of your feet reveals about your personality!


#7 The Egyptian Foot

People with Egyptian feet are rare and are characterised by having toes formed from tallest to smallest in descending order. They’re named after the Egyptians because, like them, people with this kind of feet tend to be a little mysterious. They’re very reserved and secretive; always keeping to themselves. Usually, they don’t just let anyone in, especially in their inner thoughts and feelings.

#8 The Roman Foot

With three toes forming an almost straight line followed by the other two in descending order, this is one of the typical types of feet. People with Roman feet are charismatic, loyal and brave. They’re very passionate, especially when it involves people they love. So better not mess with their loved ones, because you’re going to get kicked by a Roman foot.


#9 Peasant’s Foot

These are very rare because all the toes are of the same height. Now calling it a peasant’s foot isn’t meant to be insulting. In fact, people with these feet should be sought out for advice. They know better than to judge anyone. Usually, they are very calm and reasonable. In every situation, they try to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision and take their time before concluding. If you have a friend like this, you might want to hang on to him/her because now you know who to go for advice, huh?