Find out what the shape of your feet reveals about your personality!


#10 The Greek’s Feet

Also known as Morton’s Toe, the Greek feet has a toe formation characterised by your second toe being the tallest. This toe formation can be seen in many Greek paintings and sculptures. People with Greek feet are observed to be artists, athletes or performers. They are passionate about the arts and are very creative. They are also resourceful in seeking solutions; always filled with ideas. If you have a Greek’s foot, you are also a born leader. Nice one, boss!

#11 The Immovable Little Toe

Now that sounds like a wonderful epithet for some superhero, huh? But actually, it’s quite literal. Some people cannot move their little toe voluntarily. This apparently means that they are determined and are passionate about their craft. But also, they are perceived as workaholics.

#12 The Moving Little Toe


As opposed to the one mentioned above, there are people who can move their little toe. They are believed to be very curious and inquisitive, always eager for answers and to learn something new. These people are also very active. Their curiosity grants them a thirst for adventure; an ever-present longing for new experiences.