Find out what the shape of your feet reveals about your personality!


#13 The Teeny Tiny Little Toe

I know, it sounds a little redundant, but this is another toe formation—a very small little toe. Apparently, this is seen in most trendsetters, the ones who are most likely to do things their way. They are not afraid to take the road less travelled, driven by their maps. Either lead or perish, as they say.

#14 The Third Toe Turning Outwards

You are a perfectionist, always paying attention to details and wanting everything according to your standards. You never settle for something unless it’s the fine things in life. Whenever you find yourself in a compromising situation, its either nothing or everything that meets your guidelines.

#15 Toes With a Gap

If you have a gap between your second and third toe, chances are, you’d make a good diplomat. You have a thinking mind. You are tact and discrete, knowing when to speak your thoughts and when not to get involved. Because of this, you try your best to stay away from gossip and things that aren’t worth your time, but prioritise those that are important.