Table tennis was first introduced introduced to the Summer Olympics in 1988 and offers a super-fast paced game that’s always entertaining and often awe-inspiring. While a lot of teams choose a vibrantly colourful and patterned uniform, we here at SLAMXHYPE opt for a cleaner look in blues, blacks and whites. A staple of the tennis arena – both table and outdoor – the polo shirt is obviously the first port of call. Here, we’ve chosen a two-tone option from Uniform Experiment. M.H.L. by Margaret Howell supplies the Gym Shorts in blue; as is always the case with the designer’s sportier range, they’re classic and refined, and made from 100% cotton for a more comfortable competition.

Is the crowd getting all up in your game? They should make like your sports socks and Comme des Fuckdown – these tall socks are going to take you from the stadium right to the street. Finally, table tennis requires some seriously nimble legwork, and if the focus is on your feet, you better make sure they’re clad in something impressive. The adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept trainer offers everything a champion table-smith needs to take out the gold while looking good.

Uniform Experiment Two Tone Polo

M.H.L by Margaret Howell Gym Short

Comme des Fuckdown Tall Socks

adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept