Now that spring shipments have begun to descend upon retailers globally, brands are beginning to prep their F/W 2011 looks and by the looks of things we are all in for a heavy heavy dose of an continuation of the utilitarian / military / you think I don’t care but I really honestly do look. Its not necessarily a negative as long as brands can distinguish themselves from the many others giving us that same aesthetic. I think Blanc & Noir‘s F/W 2011 collection really elevates the look as well as the brands classic approach to their garments. With historical relevance and construction in mind the collection’s refinement within the quality and and durability departments begin to modernize classic pieces.
Even the story behind the collection’s name, ‘The Mad Trapper of Rat River’, is draped is history albeit as outlandish as it may seem:

Albert Johnson, known as the Mad Trapper of Rat River, was a fugitive whose actions eventually sparked off a huge manhunt in Northern Canada.

In December of 1931, Johnson eluded the RCMP after shooting and wounding a police officer as they attempted to enter his cabin to question him about tampering with someone else’s traps.

It ended after a 150 mile foot chase through the Richardson Mountains and a shootout in which Johnson was fatally wounded on the Eagle River, Yukon. It took nine bullets to Johnson’s body to finally end this five week pursuit.

A really cohesive collection from Blanc & Noir, one that I think will find its way into many of closets come Fall 2011.