Contour Your Nose

Learn How To Contour Your Nose Step by Step

Contour Your Nose-Mastering the art of contouring the nose is not a child's play. Many women skip this part to avoid further complications, but it is essential...
eyeliner hacks

7 Eyeliner Hacks To Intensify Your Everyday Look! You’re Going To Love

Eyeliner Hacks- Eyeliner is something which is used to define individuals/women’s eye features more clearly. They are used by women in their daily makeup routine. Eyeliners usually...
rules of makeup

16 rules of makeup we need to be free from!

Rules of makeup-Everything have some certain rules and we seem to be bound in following them. Makeup is also one of them. Internet and fashion magazines are...

5 Genius Fixes for Annoying Makeup Problems

Fix makeup problems-While applying make up most of the women are pretty alert to avoid the mistakes but sometimes even the professionals make several mistakes that would...
Makeup Tips

10 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

Makeup Tips-Most of the women like to do makeup on a daily basis, But it is a very hard task to deal with makeup products. Sometimes we...
eyeliner mistakes

13 Eyeliner Mistakes Most Of Us Make Without Realising

Eyeliner Mistakes-When it comes to makeup products, it can get so intimidating. Primers, foundations, concealers, highlighters, bronzers, and a gazillion different things. That's why most of us...
8 Common Lipstick Mistakes

8 Common Lipstick Mistakes You Probably Don’t Even Know You’re Making

Lipstick Mistakes-When it comes to makeup, lipstick is THE essential product. Sometimes you don't even need more than a little kohl/liner and one swipe of your favorite...

9 Amazing Hacks To Glam Up Your Lips Every Time

Glam Up Your Lips-Lips play such an essential part of our daily interactions, verbal or non-verbal. A simple smile can express so much about a person. That's...
Grow nails long

How to Grow Your Nails Long and Strong: It’s Not a Secret Anymore

Grow nails long-Everyone have fingernails but if we speak more specifically then women are the one who likes to grow nails as for women growing nails and...
Genius Concealer Hacks

8 Genius Concealer Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

8 Genius Concealer Hacks-Concealer is the perfect product for hiding your skin flaws that are blemishes, pigmentation and dark circles but sometimes when women use concealer in...

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